The transparency principles of Beer, Bars & Brewers

Our Beer, Bars & Brewers team strives to maintain the highest journalistic standards. This includes careful research and independence in reporting.

For clarity on which content is not, or only partially, editorially independent, see the transparency guidelines below. Articles covered by these guidelines are clearly marked.

Featured Partner (Advertorials), or paid content, is created by our editors but presented with its own typography, layout and icon.

Press tours: An agent or manufacturer invites a member of the editorial team on a tour. Travel, accommodation and meals are paid. Beer, Bars & Brewers makes no commitment to coverage, which occurs only if the editorial team is convinced there is informative value. If publication does occur, clear reference to the invitation is included.

Cooperation/media partnerships: Beer, Bars & BrewersH enters into cooperations with industry after a review process. Cooperations include product developments, launches, competitions and other market activities of partners and includes media coverage. Such connections are made transparent to readers in a disclosure.

Tasting sessions: Product tasting sessions cannot be requested from Beer, Bars & Brewers. They are engaged in only after independent selection by either our authors or external experts and Beer, Bars & Brewers receives absolutely no payment.

Bar profiles: Beer, Bars & Brewers regularly covers bars in the national and international spheres. The sole criterion is relevance to bar culture as decided by the editorial team. It is not possible to purchase a bar profile from Beer, Bars & Brewers.

Portraits/Interviews: Beer, Bars & Brewers makes a free selection of the individuals to be profiled or interviewed. Interviews are, in accordance with journalistic standards, proofread for transcription errors by interviewees. Censorship of questions or other content manipulations do not take place. Interviews and portraits developed in the context of a media partnership will be flagged as such.