News from the Mash Tun #19

News from the Mash Tun #19


The WM is over but don’t despair: Berlin Beer Week is about to kick off! In Scandinavia, beer brewing just got a little more clever. Keg thieves, Trump & Putin beers and more UK sell-outs. This edition’s got it all! Grab a beer and get updated!


Since 1876, Danish beer company Carlsberg have placed an impressive emphasis on using scientific advancement to improve the standard of their product. One of the earliest described strains of yeast to be isolated (formerly known as Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, now Saccharomyces pastorianus) was the result of a dedicated team of scientists employed by the company. The strain, discovered in 1883, continues to be one of the most commonly utilized lager yeast strains across the globe.

It’s not surprising to learn that, since the 1800s, Carlsberg’s commitment to scientific advancement has remained. Now, the fourth-largest brewing company in the world, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their beer!

Together with Denmark’s leading research institution, the Technical University of Denmark and Microsoft, the Carlsberg labs latest project, the Beer Fingerprinting Project, concerns an effort to develop sensors to aid in determining the outcomes of different fermentation scenarios. A complex analysis of the sensor signals using AI solutions (including algorithms and all matters of futuristic technologies) should assist in measuring flavor / aroma profiles created in order to draw more consistent and thorough findings than those possible by us mere mortal beer drinkers.


It’s that time of the year again! The 4th annual Berlin Beer Week commences tomorrow with the inaugural boat cruise the official ‘kick-off’ event for ten days of glorious beer celebrations. This year it is not only the contemporary craft-beer scene who will showcase their abilities, but some of Germany’s oldest and most traditional breweries are also planned to attend, such as Düsseldorfs legendary Alt-bier brewery, Uerige and the Hefeweizen heroes, Schneider Weisse.

With over 70 events planned for the next 10 days, there is an event catered for everybody’s taste. Check out the program online here.


After a meeting of disgusting minds during the Helsinki summit between Trump and Putin, a small Finnish brewery, RPS Brewing, is trying to help alleviate some of our nausea through the creation of a humorous limited-edition lager titled, Let’s Settle This Like Adults. The label depicts caricatures of the two presidents playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with the subheading Making Lager Great Again. “A couple of good beers can help any negotiations, and then maybe Finnish sauna” said the brewery CEO, Samuli Huuhtanen. Well, it was a good sentiment.


The Meschede-Grevenstein family brewery Veltins has had a record breaking half year of sales having sold a total of 1.61 million hectoliters of beer. This is a 7.8% rise compared to January to June sales in 2017. Not bad, given that the trend for industrial beer has been a constant decline for years. The rise in sales for Veltins, their largest volume growth since the turn of the millennium, is assumed to be attributable to the string of glorious weather we’ve had in Germany as well the World Cup.

Unlike many other big breweries who have to focus on a strategy for continued sales now that the WM is over and the sunshine slowly set to vanish, Veltins also has a game plan for their continued success for the year. They have managed to snaffle the contract off AB InBev for beer sales in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena (formerly O2-World).

This means that, for big concerts or the home games of the basketball team Alba and the ice hockey team Eisbären, Veltins will be served instead of Beck’s. Veltins, expects an additional sales volume of up to 6.000 hectoliters per year through the new contract.


Oktoberfest preps already underway

The city of Munich has commenced their epic two month long build to erect the beer city that is Oktoberfest! The 185th Oktoberfest kicks off on September 22nd and ends two weeks later on 7th October. Anybody with the mind to head down South ought to start thinking about accommodation options now!

Bavarian Keg Thieves Busted!

Speaking of Bavaria, it seems that a culture of beer swilling, dirndls and lederhosen doesn’t come without some of society’s problems! In the quaint Upper Franconian city of Hof, a group of professional keg thieves have been caught after having stolen more than 600 empty kegs, the value of which equates to more than ten thousand euros! Not to worry, folks! The thieves were caught and beer will flow again!

 AB InBev brands Hasseröder and Diebels sale default

In our News from the Mash Tun #10 we mentioned AB InBev’s plans to sell off two of their German brands, Diebels and Hasseröder. With a planned sale to Daniel Deistler of CK Corporate Finance, the deal was almost done…until AB InBev Deutschland reported that: “CK Corporate Finance Group has so far not been able to meet all the contractual conditions to complete the transaction by mid-2018”.

Although Anheuser-Busch is not ruling out the sale in question altogether, they have hinted that it is looking increasingly unlikely and as a result have reopened the bidding.

Fourpure sale maintains sell-out momentum

For the UK indie-beer scene, last week’s announcement that South London’s Fourpure Brewing Company have sold a 100% stake to the Australasian brewing firm Lion (a subsidiary of Japan’s Kirin Brewery), couldn’t have been better timed.

In the wake of the Heineken / Beavertown acquisition, nothing seems overly surprising, and Fourpure founder and CEO Dan Lowe’s comment that “We’re not going to say nothing will change, what would be the point of doing it if nothing was changing?” is almost cheeky in just how apt it is! The sale marks the sixth London-based brewery to sell-out (partially or fully) within the last three years.

Hop Update!

In news just in, due to the unusual pattern of weather we are experiencing, it looks like the hop harvest may come as early as August this year! For brewers planning their wet hop beers for the season, it looks like it may be much earlier than planned, but for those looking forward to the wet hop beers hitting the market, the wait is almost over!

That’s all for now, folks! Have a wonderful summer but don’t forget to slip, slop, slap (that’s Australian for stay sun safe!) Drink responsibly and for all of you in Berlin, have an enjoyable Berlin Beer Week celebration of the scenes awesome growth and diversity! Cheers!