News from the Mash Tun #27

The colours of Autumn are stunning, and even more spectacular because they signal the beginning of a new beery season! So grab yourself a Märzen, kick back and have a read! This week we’re looking at what’s hot in Germany’s young brewing scene, community brewing coming back to Berlin, craft-beer aviation and why the traditional […]

News from the Mash Tun #26

Climate change. Will its multifaceted and ominous effects reach as far as beer availability? Or do the scientists have that all wrong? Either way, Germans are purported to be drinking too much so maybe a scarcity of beer is just what the doctor ordered. Collab-trends are evolving as quickly as craft-beer is spreading and whilst […]

News from the Mash Tun #25

With looming threats of patents on beer ingredients, is the intersection between science and farming a cause for concern for breweries? Hopefully not and ‘we’re off to never-never-land’ on that legal nonsense – speaking of, Metallica is headed our way with the promise of craft-beer for metal lovers. We’re talking drink exhibitions, new brewpubs and […]

News from the Mash Tun #24

Autumn is finally here, and with that, so much to look forward to! The promise of a leaf covered city in all shades of orange and yellow, beers brewed with fresh hops, or pumpkins perhaps, or just the normal plethora of fest beers. In this news, we’re looking at the abundance of beer festivals sweeping […]

News from the Mash Tun #23: Stone Berlin, Denmark Deposit System & No Beer for Nazis

C’mon Germany, you didn’t come this far to only come this far! We said ‘Kein Bier für Nazis’ so let’s stick to it! And while our Pfand system doesn’t extend to juices and other assorted beverages, the Nordic countries are killing it with their superior deposit systems, creative beers and new bars. But no one […]

News from the Mash Tun #22 Pils Renaissance, NEIPA Craze & Early Hop Harvest

Hazy beer for the win, or would you prefer a fruit-bomb (literally)? Horses for courses of course, because many of us happily settle for a German classic but this week ‘trending’ is seriously in trend. Brewing gypsies settling down, beer against air pollution and post-drought raw ingredient updates, we’re looking at beery news, in all […]

News from the Mash Tun #21 Canada, Weyermann & Boston Brewing

Canadian beer features heavily this week with can shortages and governmental pressure to produce dirt-cheap beer, while American brewing pioneers get a little bit too loud with their bigotry. Germany’s most popular beer revealed plus smoke, fires and hop updates, it’s all here! Boston Brewing Cuddles Up to Trump   Jim Koch, founder of Boston […]

News from the Mash Tun #20: Bottle Shortages, BrewDog Expansion & Biermeile

Grab a beer and stay calm everybody – things are scheduled to cool down next week! The environmental repercussions of this heat wave aren’t great, but Germany’s beer sales are on the up and U.K. and American expansions look promising! We’re running out of bottles and beer crates, but the ‘longest beer garden in the […]

News from the Mash Tun #18

BEAVERTOWN (minority) SELL-OUT, BEER SHORTAGES & GUINNESS OBSCURITIES Just like a good soap-opera, you can never predict what’ll happen next in the beer industry! The Beavertown minority sale to Heineken hurt but the retaliation from indie-breweries helped provide some desperately needed validation that not everybody would sell to the big guys. Germany is out of […]

News from the mash tun #17: Krombacher, Heineken & World Cup

Is it a full moon? Because, my, oh my, there is a lot of oddball stuff happening! From Heineken’s push for drinking über fresh beer to Beck’s new champagne flute cans to penetrate a new market! We’re talking classic Belgian Lambic breweries embracing American hops and environmental brewery crusaders teaming up with Darth Vader! We […]

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT CHARLIE – An evening with Charlie Papazian at Stone Brewing, Berlin

Charlie Papazian is a man who wears many hats. Many, many hats. There’s a common theme though, with the hats. Not only does he wear many, but he first started wearing them at a time when nobody else wore hats. They were outlawed actually, and nobody ever imagined they’d come back in fashion. Almost 50 […]

News from the Mash Tun #16

There is loads happening in this edition of NftMT! Will one of our favourite London breweries make a heartbreaking announcement soon? And to those heading to Vienna anytime soon, be sure to #mindyourcraftbeer. Beer festivals, cancelled beer festivals, beer trends and beer legends...this news has it all! BEAVERTOWN EXPANSION FUELS RUMOURS OF PARTIAL SELL-OUT Although [...]

News from the Mash Tun #15

Does the idea of scoring yourself a ‘craft beer’ bargain at the discounter appeal to you? Or are you more inclined to enjoy some of Germany’s wonderful indie-beer in one of the country’s newest tap rooms? Perhaps a non-alcoholic beer is a better candidate for this weather? We’re talking alcohol price reductions and increases, getting […]

News from the Mash Tun #14

Sometimes we read beer news and things seem bleak. Annual beer sales are down, America’s craft-breweries are selling their souls, or closing altogether! But not this time! It’s good news week this week in the world of beer! In this edition, the Germans are representing on an international stage, craft-beer is expanding like it ain’t […]

News from the Mash Tun #13

As young German creative brewers fight to move away from the Reinheitsgebot, brewers in America might be heading towards one! Biodegradable plastic packaging the future of beer. It’s spring time, May is around the corner, and in this edition we’re talking bocks, punks and buds (of a different kind). Grab a beer (‘pure’ or ‘impure’) […]

News from the Mash Tun #12: MillerCoors vs. Stone & Brlo´s Hip Hop Collab

The spring has finally sprung and the beer gardens are emerging from their winter-torpor! ‘Craft’ beer in America continues to face hardship as Berlin opts for weed instead. Krombacher’s commitment to the athletes and the AB-InBev sponsored World Cup no help to Russia’s hurting beer market. In breaking news, Stone Brewing Company, who instigated a […]