Lilith and company: A chat with the ladies of Lady Brewery

Women brew fantastic beer, since the ancient Greek period and probably even before – anywhere in the world, hence also in Iceland. 3B talked to the ladies behind the creative brewers of Lady Brewery in Reykjavik about their mission and, of course, their beer. “We’re homeless,” laughs Þórey Björk Halldórsdóttir, sarcastic from the first minute […]

Opinion ‘Energised Water’: When brewers abandon science and reason, it harms the industry

Memminger Bräu claims their Grander water modules would boost fermentation and save sanitation costs. Berlin’s fast-growing start-up Brlo trusts in gem stones to ‘energise’ their water source. Why do brewers substitute science and reason for obscure magic? It harms the industry as a whole says Rory Lawton. “Sometimes Science is more Art than Science” (Rick […]

The Ten Most Influential French Craft Breweries

Is there such a thing as craft beer in France? Absolutely! If you thought France was all about cognac, champagne, and wine – think again. Here’s a list of ten French craft breweries that deserve your attention.  Increasingly dynamic, the French brewing scene today boasts more than 1.000 micro-breweries, both independent and artisanal. From Bretagne […]

The Double Standards of the German Brewers’ Association

A couple of weeks ago, Brew Berlin co-founder Helmut Adam sat down with the Managing Director of the German Brewer’s Association, Holger Eichele, in order to discuss his take on the status of beer in Germany today. The interview focused on the so-called “Reinheitsgebot” purity law, the use of additives and the benefits of an association that safeguards […]

“The Reinheitsgebot is no marketing gag”

Is it time to abolish the Reinheitsgebot? The Managing Director of the German Brewer’s Association, Holger Eichele doesn’t think so. He sat down with Helmut Adam for a wide-ranging chat about everything from Germany’s traditional purity law, the use of additives and the benefits of an association that safeguards the interests of beer brewers. Germany’s […]

The Cellar Continues to Grow

Odenwald’s BrauKunstKeller is one of the most well known craft beer startups in Germany’s new bier market. We spoke to founder and brewmaster Alexander Himburg. During our conversation he offered his opinion on the current beer industry, why magic is often found in the unknown, and why growth isn’t automatic. After completing his training at […]

Yeast and German Brewing

Yeast, considered by many to be the most boring ingredient in the brewing process, may in fact be the most interesting. This is a story that includes the invasion of a foreign agent from another continent, inter-species sex and a challenge to the long-held preference for blondes. Germany has one of the longest and richest […]