5 Visit-Worthy Beer Spots in Reykjavik for your Starry Icelandic Nights

Vacation was made for consuming beer. BBB helps you find where to go to do it right in Reykjavik. By now you’ve heard that there’s a lot of beer to discover in Iceland. Among other geological wonders, of course. Fortunately for tourists on a thirsty layover, or folks not ready to brave the one-lane road […]

Lilith and company: A chat with the ladies of Lady Brewery

Women brew fantastic beer, since the ancient Greek period and probably even before – anywhere in the world, hence also in Iceland. 3B talked to the ladies behind the creative brewers of Lady Brewery in Reykjavik about their mission and, of course, their beer. “We’re homeless,” laughs Þórey Björk Halldórsdóttir, sarcastic from the first minute […]

On moonscapes and glacial valleys: Young beer horizons in Iceland

Icelandic beer was practically a nonexistent topic just a few ago. In the last three years, though, micro-breweries have slowly been picking up steam, setting up shop across the sparsely populated country, offering those with few options a solid shoulder to lean on. Beer, Bars & Brewers looks at the current state of beer in […]