Cristal Peck: A Portrait

Bierlieb has established itself as the brick and mortar destination for everything a home brewer’s heart might desire. Located on Danziger Straße, BrewBerlin takes a peek inside to speak to store manager Cristal Jane Peck on the microbiologist’s passion for beer, how she found herself in Berlin, and the daily joys of sexism within the […]

Beer Ambassador Sylvia Kopp on the Pride of a Local Brew, American Craft Beer, and “Being Present”

A beer ambassador: in our world that might not be the most unusual job title we’ve ever heard, but most people that Sylvia Kopp meets need to take a moment, before they’re fully able to grasp the concept of her job title. The beer sommelier and head of Berlin Beer Academy was recently crowned American […]

The Cellar Continues to Grow

Odenwald’s BrauKunstKeller is one of the most well known craft beer startups in Germany’s new bier market. We spoke to founder and brewmaster Alexander Himburg. During our conversation he offered his opinion on the current beer industry, why magic is often found in the unknown, and why growth isn’t automatic. After completing his training at […]