About Us

Who and what’s behind Beer, Bars & Brewers?

How it all began

Some 15 years ago our team of former bartenders founded the publishing house, “Mixology Verlag”. Since then we have been publishing magazines and books on the world of bars and beverages. We began our coverage on beer with a column by acclaimed British beer author Michael Jackson, and since the late Noughties we’ve witnessed a renaissance of beer diversity in Germany and reported on it with a watchful eye. We’re very proud indeed to have one of Germany’s finest beer authors on our team today.

Beer, Bars & Brewers originally started in July of 2015 as a regular column reporting on the beer and brewing industry for the Brew Berlin Blog. This blog has been an integral part of Europe’s largest bar and beverages trade fair, Bar Convent Berlin. Later on, the Mixology Online portal took over the format and added a newsletter that over 800 subscribers quickly signed up for. Now, two years on, we’ve established the “Beer, Bars & Brewers” brand as a specialist magazine in its own right, focusing on beer’s role in the worlds of gastronomy, beverages and retail.

Who is the target audience for Beer, Bars & Brewers?

Our Bier, Bars & Brauer magazine is aimed at all experts selling beer in Europe’s German-speaking countries and territories: the restaurant business, specialized vendors and the retail sector. Beer, Bars & Brewers is an online portal with daily reports on the beer industry, and starting in 2018 we will also begin publishing a high-quality quarterly print magazine of the same name.

Our mission

Bier, Bars & Brauer is dedicated to providing neutral, transparent reporting on a beer landscape undergoing tumultuous change. Our mission is to critically observe and analyze the beer industry, to promote beer expertise and to actively contribute to shaping beer culture.